Rosi Sexton vs. Alexis Davis on UFC 161

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Next Generation’s Rosi Sexton fights Alexis Davis on UFC 161 this weekend. We wish her the best of luck! Rosi Sexton is a Cambridge University graduate, an osteopath and a mother. And, should you face her in competition, she would have no qualms about breaking your arm. – Rosi Sexton: The Doctor Is In…

Kimura from Side Control

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Next Generation BJJ Black Belt, Paul Rimmer, shows a 3-part Kimura technique from Side Control.

Muay Thai Takedown from Leg Catch

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Next Generation’s Karl Ryan and Andrew Leong demonstrate a Muay Thai takedown for when you catch your opponent’s kick.

Paul Rimmer promoted to Black Belt!

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Paul Rimmer, Head Coach at Next Generation MMA Liverpool, was promoted to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt by Chris Brennan at his seminar this past weekend. HUGE congrats to Paul, who is now the first BJJ Black Belt in Merseyside!